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Welcome to Windrider Energy Healing

Chiron Healing® and Qi Gong ('Chi Khung') work with the energies surrounding our bodies to promote balance and positivity.

Chiron Healing®  - Click here.

'What will work for me ?'

Different foods suit different people, yet all foods have one thing in common: to nourish and sustain life.

In the same way: there are many therapies or modalities, but they all aim to restore balance and health.

Which modality is right for you is very much an intuitive descision for you to make - feel free to call or email for more information or just to discuss things. Contact info here.

More on Chiron Healing®
For a simple energy technique of 'Clearing and Protecting' here.

Best wishes

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Sometimes the threads on the loom suggest the picture to come. Then we know that our children-to-be Hope for us in the bardo. For them we weave until out arms grow tired.
from: The years of Rice and Salt - by Kim Stanley Robinson

 'dance me to the children that are asking to be born....'    Leonard Cohen
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