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'Qi Gong' or ‘Chi Kung' sessions.

'Chi' (Qi) is the word used by the ancient Chinese for life energy (or subtle energy). Chi is the life force in all living creatures, it seeks to maintain balance. This energy can be influenced by breath, visualization and thought, it has a life and a purpose of its own. Working with ‘Chi' requires concentration, breath and movement.

Chi Khung' is the art of moving and controlling the subtle energies of your body using breath and gentle movement. It ranges from the martial arts to Tai Chi and reaches the pure meditative practices in which there is no movement at all.

Chi Khung sessions are intended for beginners and aim to help you actually FEEL subtle ‘Chi' energy in your own body.


Chi Khung sessions run at "The Center - "North & West Melbourne Neighbourhood Center
58 Errol Street North Melbourne: http://www.centre.org.au/

phone: 9328 1126
email: nawmnc@vicnet.net.au

Central city evening/morning sessions - email:


Individual classes by appointment.

Local group:

Google Groups
Secret Chi Gong
Visit this group


Regular Chi-Khung exercises will enable you to practice and maintain that awareness of energy. Daily practice (5-20 mins) during the week is useful.


What will be covered ?

Some of the following:

· Clearing & protecting energetically

· Stretching, standing postures

· The inner smile

· Circling ‘chi' in the body (in the famous “microscopic orbit”)

· Chi-Ball & feeling energy


To participate:

· wear loose comfortable clothing,

· come slightly hungry but not ravenous
(a full stomach makes it difficult to feel 'Chi'),

· be prepared for some light gentle exercise.


Where, when, questions ?

Courses start on 18 July, other classes can be tailored to suit, see contact and location link here.


NOTE: Just as many forms of today's energy were not detectable 100's of years ago. 'Chi' is not measurable with current scientfic instruments. The best 'Chi detector' at present is human awareness. Chi khung is one way to enhance and grow that awareness.

Hope you enjoy !

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