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What is Chiron Healing® ?

Chiron Healing® is a natural form of energy healing drawing on ancient wisdom as taught by the wounded healer Master Chiron.

Our bodies are surounded by an Aura of energy. This energy has a certain shape and form which supports the physical body.

The Chiron healer repairs the energy body of the Aura using pure Source energy directed through the hands. Essences, Simples and Oils are also used topically (not ingested).

This method is effective because ill health also has an energy compoent. In many cases it is the energy body, the feelings and emotional pain which affect the physical body.

It is not only drugs and material causes which cause ill health. Anger and negative words and thoughts also affect the energy body

Some of the greatest wounds come from words that are gently said but which leave a great big 'hole' in the feelings of the person.

It is this deep level of feeling pain that causes many people to lapse into ill health and dis-at-esement. Chiron taught how to go deep within the intuitive core of feelings within us all. He showed people how to access that deep level of hurt and repair it with the knowing energy of Positivity.

'What will I feel and experience ?'

You will be asked to lie comfortably on your back on a massage table.

The practitioner will work with the energies around your body, and may sometimes lightly touch your head, abdomen and shoulders. Vibrational essences may also be used.

You may feel something or you may feel nothing at the time. Some people may feel slight tingling, gentle heat or cold, while others feel a general sense of calm, or perhaps nothing obvious at all. The energy is felt differently by each person.

Afterwards: It is good to give yourself a chance to rest for a little while and drink water or herbal teas more frequently.

The re-alignment made on the energy levels generally takes a few days to properly take effect (or ‘sink in').

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Contact me if you think Chiron Healing® is right for you.

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More about Chiron Healing, workshops and other practitioners: International Association of Chiron Healers Inc. (IACHI) www.iachi.com  'how to' classes here.


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