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Distant healing

The positive intent of love and healing reaches over distance and time.

Chiron Healing® also works on the energy levels over distance. The Chiron healer brings in the energy body of the person and works on that.

If you want a healing session over distance, email me your name, birthday and city where you live.

What happens in a session ?

1) Tell me your details and your story. What is wrong, how do you feel ? What would you like help with ?

2) We make a time for the session.

3) Then I hold your Chiron Healing® session.

4) After that I send you a brief report.

5) Please tell me how you feel afterwards.

Please understand, that healing is not something that can be done TO YOU, or something which you can demand, or expect. Healing is more a loving care of self and acceptance of that which you may think UNacceptable within your Self.


Some thoughts on "healing" from other teachers.... .

All healing is self healing.

To insist on perfection precludes growth.
To accept imperfection as part of your humanness is to grow
If you can love the part of you that you think
is imperfect then the act of transformation can begin.
When you judget it and throw it out of your heart it becomes a hardened shell the blocks the Light.

If you deny what is your nature
you become deeply attached to that denial.
When you accept what is there, in its truth,
then you are released.
One does not release through rejection.
One releases through love.

from Emmanuel's book  1 page98


As some of you
will evolve in your lives to be healers,
let me remind you that there are some souls
that do not wish to be healed.

"You must be healed."
is so often the message that is given
with the healing.
No, they must not be healed.
Only if they want to.
And you are not the authority on that.
Do not inflict your will.

Just give love.
The soul will take that love
and put it where it can best be used.

from one of Emmanuel's three books


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Sometimes the threads on the loom suggest the picture to come. Then we know that our children-to-be Hope for us in the bardo. For them we weave until out arms grow tired.
from: The years of Rice and Salt - by Kim Stanley Robinson

 'dance me to the children that are asking to be born....'    Leonard Cohen
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